Monday, December 10, 2007

NWS Partners & Family of Services Meeting

The National Weather Service invites all interested members of the weather and climate community to register (no charge) to attend their next NWS Partners and Family of Services meeting in New Orleans in January 2008:


The National Weather Service Partners Meeting will be held in conjunction with the Family of Services meeting at the AMS annual meeting in New Orleans on Thursday, January 24th 2008 from 10:45 am till noon CST. Some featured topics for this meeting are Storm Based Warnings, Convective Watch Lead Time, Marine and Hurricane Product Updates, and Common Alerting Protocol (CAP). An update on the Action Items from the summer 2007 NWS Partners meeting will also be provided. The meeting will conclude with an interactive session to identify the top 10 partner needs/requirements. Jack Hayes, Assistant Administrator for Weather Services will be in attendance so we hope to see you there!!

If you plan on attending or would like to review a draft agenda, please visit the NWS partners web page at:

You may also register online at:

Questions or comments by e-mail or telephone can be directed to either me John Simensky, (301) 713-0090 ext 150, or Ron Gird,, 301-713-0090 x154.

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